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Middlesex County takes pride in serving the student community with convenient transportation options. The Middlesex County Connect routes feature strategically positioned bus stops at or near schools, including a stop at Fanshawe College Main Campus in London, near Medway High School in Arva, and another at CF Masonville Place (Masonville Mall in London) enabling students to connect with London Transit (LTC) buses and reach Western University and other destinations. Whether students are commuting to campus, exploring the city/town, or simply in need of a ride, Middlesex County Connect is dedicated to offering accessible and efficient transportation solutions.


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student bus pass

30-day student pass

The student pass is available to all students, offering unlimited rides on all Middlesex County Connect routes for a full 30 days at a discounted rate of $160.

The student pass is exclusively available for purchase through the Blaise Transit app and is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Download the free Blaise Transit app from the Apple Store or Google Play.​​​​​  Click here for more information on the County Connect app.

The pass is non-refundable and cannot be cancelled once purchased. A new pass can only be purchased after the current one expires.

To use this pass, students must book their rides through the app and select the pass as the payment method when booking a trip. There is no requirement for students to physically print or display the pass, nor do they need to show their booked trip upon boarding the bus. However, students will need to present their valid student ID when getting on the bus. The bus driver reserves the right to deny boarding if the student ID is not presented.

***Please note that the pass will only appear as a payment option on the app if you have set up a "student" profile within the Blaise Transit app.

Students can purchase the discounted pass through the app in one of two ways:
- Select "Purchase a pass" as your payment method when booking a trip.
- Add the pass as a payment option in the "Wallet" section."

Click here to download the guide on how to purchase and use the 30-day student pass through the Blaise Transit app.




Students ride free

STUDENTS RIDE FOR FREE FROM September 5th TO 8th , 2023

The "Students Ride for Free" campaign, which took place from September 5th to 8th, 2023, was an incredible success! During this special back-to-school initiative, we offered all students complimentary rides on both Middlesex County Connect bus routes. Our goal was to make the students' daily commute as convenient and stress-free as possible as they started a new academic year.

As the promotion has now concluded, we want to extend our heartfelt best wishes for a successful and fulfilling school year to all students. We are here to support your journey year-round. Stay safe, study hard, and keep riding with Middlesex County Connect!