Learning About Emergencies

We believe that a life-long appreciation for safety and emergency preparedness starts young. That's why the County supports programs designed to teach our children how to be aware of emergencies and provide them with essential skills to help them prepare to cope with these unforeseen situations.

Grade Seven - Is Your Family Prepared Presentation

All Middlesex County students in grade seven attend an emergency awareness program, presented by a dedicated and enthusiastic group of local emergency responders.

We have revised the Grade 7 presentation for use by families, businesses, youth and community groups—anyone who wants to be better prepared for emergencies should view this helpful presentation: 72 Hours -Is Your Family Prepared?


County Lights Out Pamphlet (PDF)
Middlesex Emergency Card (PDF)
Pets in Emergencies Brochure (PDF)
72 Hours - Is Your Family Prepared? (PPT)