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Middlesex County Connect is an inter-community public transit service that connects our local municipalities in Middlesex County to one another and to the hubs of London, Woodstock, Ingersoll, and St. Thomas. It caters to the needs of seniors, students, youth, workers, and persons with disabilities, allowing them to easily access amenities in their hometowns as well as neighboring communities. 

Voyago, our service provider currently operates the following Middlesex County Connect round-trip bus routes:
Route 1: Lucan, Ilderton, Arva, and London (weekdays only)
Route 2: Woodstock, Ingersoll, Putnam, Dorchester, and London (weekdays only)
Route 3: Dorchester, London, and St. Thomas (Monday to Saturday) 

All our buses are wheelchair accessible with high floor ramp access, two (2) wheelchair spaces and equipped with a wheelchair lift.

For only $5 one-way, residents can access post-secondary institutions, employment, medical appointments, social programs, visit friends and family, and connect with other inter-community transit services and local transit services such as London Transit (LTC), Woodstock Transit, and St. Thomas Transit. Children 5 and under, support persons, and veterans can ride free of charge.

Enjoy our affordable and accessible inter-community transit service on fixed routes and schedules. Click here to see when the bus will be arriving at a stop near you!

Let us connect you to the places, experiences, and people that matter most! 

Click here to print Middlesex County Connect brochure with schedules.



Watch the below videos for a glimpse into everything Middlesex County Connect has to offer!

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Monday to Sunday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

* If outside service hours, please leave a message and staff will return your call as soon as possible. 

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Anum Maqsood
Community Transportation Project Manager
County of Middlesex

Cindy Howard
General Manager Finance and Community Services
County of Middlesex

Cara A. Finn 
Director of Economic Development
County of Middlesex

Middlesex County Connect has been made possible through funding provided by the Government of Ontario's Community Transportation Grant Program.