Rose room of Strathmere Lodge

Strathmere Lodge offers accommodation in either private or 2 bed basic rooms in groupings of 32 bed home areas on two floors. Each home area is self contained with a spa, lounge, dining room and kitchenette, activity space and nursing communication desk. Our home areas are named Hickory Woods, Arbour Glen, Parkview Place, Bear Creek & Sydenham Meadows. Our 3-acre property offers beautiful landscaping, patios and gardens.

Our home features:

  • Beauty salon - open 4 days a week for hair styling for both men and women at reasonable rates.
  • Tuck shop
  • Common room for family events
  • Family dining room - this room can be reserved for private parties and special occasions. Contact The Administration office Monday to Friday 8-4pm for details.
  • Library service - monthly book exchanges provide by Middlesex County Library, large print & audio books are available on tape/CD for those with perceptual difficulties.
  • Chapel - non denominational services are held each Sunday in the Chapel. Our Chaplain, Inge Stahl, has developed a spiritual program to provide support and comfort for both individuals, small groups of residents. Catholic mass is celebrated weekly. Anglican communion is conducted monthly.
  • Modern exercise room

Our rooms feature:

  • Large windows
  • Warm decor ready to be personalized
  • Spacious wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • privacy for shared 2 bedrooms
  • Smoke detector
  • Modern call bell system
  • Maple armoires