Middlesex EarlyON

Kids playing

Middlesex EarlyON programs are free for caregivers and children from birth to six years old. Our centres are open to all families. These programs are welcoming spaces that offer:

  • Play-based learning opportunities that allow children to develop their social and emotional skills, reach developmental milestones, and begin their journey of lifelong learning.
  • Opportunities for sensory play, creative art, music and movement, language and literacy, science and nature, dramatic play, active play, and problem solving.
  • Fun and interactive activities including storytelling, songs, and games.
  • Opportunities to connect and network with other caregivers and families.

Our EarlyON facilitators can support caregivers with:

  • Answers to questions about child development and parenting.
  • Information about services and supports available from local community agencies.  
  • Connections to other children's programs in the community.

EarlyON Facilitators have a degree or diploma in Early Childhood Education and are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) play a key role in delivering high-quality early years programs and have specialized knowledge and expertise in child development and play and inquiry-based learning.

Middlesex EarlyON programs are funded by the Ministry of Education. In 2016, the Ministry of Education announced its plan for transforming Ministry-funded child and family programs across Ontario to integrate under one umbrella, which we now refer to as EarlyON. The goal of EarlyON is to enhance the quality and consistency of child and family programs across Ontario. 

To learn more about the programming, visit the Middlesex EarlyON website and find them on Facebook.

Middlesex EarlyON programs and events can also be found on the library Event Calendar.