Long Term Care

Strathmere lodge exterior with red bench

Strathmere Lodge, a not-for-profit, long-term-care home is owned by the County of Middlesex. Rebuilt in 2006, this facility sits on a five-acre site on the outskirts of Strathroy. The home provides care to 160 residents in accordance with Ontario legislation and standards established and monitored by the Ministry of Long Term Care.

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About Us 

Our Mission

Strathmere Lodge is committed to providing competent and compassionate resident-centred and self-directed care to individuals in need of our services in an atmosphere of respect for the dignity, spiritual and cultural values of each resident. We strive for excellence in the provision of quality of life and care for our residents ensuring that their holistic (emotional, physical and social) needs are met. We value our employees and volunteers and are committed to a healthy, safe, productive and enjoyable work environment.

Our Vision

  • To be the best Long Term Care Home in the Province and the employer of choice in the Country.
  • To be an effective and efficient provider of Long Term Care.
  • To meet or exceed all Ministry of Health and Long Term Care standards.
  • To employ competent and compassionate staff who embrace the mission, vision and values of our Home.
  • To create a challenging, open and engaging atmosphere where residents can be stimulated to continue to live a life of purpose and to function at the peak of their physical and mental abilities.
  • Through our programs and activities to be an integral part of our community and to include the community and resident families as part of the Home.
  • To promote ongoing staff education and self learning.

Our Values

Our History

Strathmere Lodge's long and rich history begins in 1880 when the County of Middlesex built the House of Refuge on a 46.5 acre site on the outskirts of Strathroy. The House was home to all who were destitute or otherwise unable to support themselves because of age or disability. Many men, women and children found their way to the home often known as the Poor House. A tornado struck the House in 1953 doing extensive damage to the top floor which was subsequently removed.

The role of the County changed during the fifties to providing care for the elderly and this led to the demolition of the old House and the building of Strathmere Lodge in 1962. Changing expectations on building design for seniors care was once again responsible for the construction of our new building opened in 2006.

Strathmere Lodge is a member of AdvantAge Ontario.

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Contact Details

Strathmere Lodge
599 Albert Street, Box 5000
Strathroy, ON N7G 3J3

Phone: 519-245-2520 || Fax: 519-245-5711

Bill Rayburn  x  2250
County Chief Administrator Officer
Brent Kerwin  x 6222
Lodge Administrator
Sonya Gillett x 6234
Director of Resident Care
Jeff Turnbull
Environmental Services Manager
Augustine Caines x 6246  Office Supervisor
Rachel Dent x 6371
Assistant Director of Resident Care
Marcy Welch x 6226 Manager of Recreation & Physiotherapy  @email Brittany Hodgson x 6242
Food Services Manager
Kelly Timm x 6235
Nursing Coordinator
Kristie Ouellette  x 6223  Resident & Family Liaison  @email Laurie VanDyk x 6322  Behavioural Supports Ontario  [RPN-BSO]  @email Bernie Johnstone x 6215
Nursing Coordinator
Inge Stahl x 6223
Sarah Muylaert x 6322
Behavioural Supports Ontario  [PSW-BSO]  @email
Hannah Bryant x 6360
Infection Prevention & Control Lead (IPAC)