Land Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgement

County of Middlesex Land Acknowledgement Statement

We acknowledge that the land we stand upon today is the traditional territory of the Attawandaron, Anishinabeg, Haudenosaunee, and Lunaapeewak peoples who have long standing relationships to the land, water and region of Southwestern Ontario. The local First Nation communities of this area include Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, Oneida Nation of the Thames First Nation, and Munsee-Delaware Nation.

We acknowledge the treaties that are specific to this area: Treaty 2 (McKee Purchase), Treaty 3 (Between the Lakes Purchase), Treaty 6 (London Township Purchase), Treaty 21 (Long Woods Purchase) and Treaty 29 (Huron Tract Purchase).

We value the significant contributions, both in the past and the present of local and regional first nations of Turtle Island.

We acknowledge historic and ongoing injustices that indigenous peoples endure in Canada and we affirm our commitment to honouring indigenous voices, nations and cultures, and to moving forward in the spirit of reconciliation and respect.


Attawandaron (Add-a-won-da-run),
Anishinabeg (Ah-nish-in-a-beg)
Haudenosaunee (Hoden-oh-show-nee)
Lunaapeewak (Len-ahpay-wuk)