Middlesex Children's Services Network


Middlesex Children’s Services Network grew out of a request from the Rural Issues Group of the Early Years Council; to organize a network to enable all children’s services of Middlesex County to come together to work in an integrated fashion. Secondary interests were to react and collaborate to prepare for the “fallout” of Full Day Learning on the county child care programs as well as prepare to respond and organize for the rollout of Best Start Child & Family Centres.

Priority Area


  • Coordination of local service agencies to address duplication of services, sharing of services and general knowledge of the services and gaps

  • Provide resources and program information for families, professionals and service agencies
  • Centralized intake for families to connect them to services with partner agencies
  • Coordination of local service and service delivery for families in their own communities and to assist agencies in finding service delivery sites and potential clients as well as



  • Identify opportunites to increase awareness, communication, cooperation and collaboration amongst service providers
  • Link quality programs and services for young children and their families
  • Advocate for families by identifying service gaps, needs and
  • Collaborate with local government to respond to government initiatives impacting young children and their families

Our partners are :

 All Kids Belong  Family Medical Health
 Thames Valley District School Board  London & District Catholic School Board
 YMCA of Western Ontario-Strathroy Branch  United Way of London Middlesex
 County of Middlesex  Buckle up Baby Community Group
 Community/Parent  Community Home Childcare/LCC
 OEYC’s-Elgin Middlesex London
 OEYC’s Lambton Kent Middlesex
 OEYC’s Perth Middlesex
 Chippewa of the Thames
 Oneida Nation of the Thames
 Munsee-Delaware Nation
 Middlesex County Library  Middlesex London Health Unit
 Blue Water Cares  Women’s Rural Resource Centre
 London Middlesex Children’s Aid  Arva’s Little School House
 ELM Children Centre  Little Lambs Daycare
 Kilworth Children’s Centre  St. Vincent de Paul YMCA Childcare Centre
 Sonshine Daycare   Simply Kids Childcare
 Ailsa Craig Co-operative Playschool  Belvoir Co-operative Nursery School
 Dorchester Co-operative   Whitehills Childcare
 Lucan Co-operative Nursery School  Parkhill Co-operative Nursery School
 Merrymount Children’s Center  Salvation  Army
 Big Brother’s

DAC’s (Date Analysis Coordinators) for

Perth Middlesex
Lambton Kent Middlesex
Elgin Middlesex London

MCSN Contacts


Joe Winser
Manager of Social Services 
519-434-7321 ext. 2260


Nadine Devin
Early Years Project Manager 
519-245-8237 ext. 4023

Terms of Reference



Middlesex County, where children and families reach their full potential within their own unique, rural community.


The Network will consist of any organization, agency or individual with a mandate and/or interest in the provision of service and/or the well-being of children, prenatal to age twelve, and their families residing in Middlesex County.

Definitions of memberships:

Participating Member is an individual who regularly attends MCSN meetings; in order to be considered a participating member the individual must be in attendance of meetings a minimum of 50% of the time.

Participating membership for Middlesex Children’s Services Network should include but not be limited to, representation from the following:

County of Middlesex, Middlesex London Health Unit, Lambton Kent Middlesex OEYC, Elgin London Middlesex OEYC, Perth Middlesex OEYC, Children’s Aid Society of London Middlesex, Thames Valley District School Board, London District Catholic School Board, tykeTALK, All Kids Belong, Middlesex County Library, Child Care Centres, Home Child Care, YMCA-Western Ontario, Buckle Up Baby, Munsee-Delaware Nation, Chippewas of the Thames, Oneida Nation of the Thames, Women’s Rural Resource Center, Salvation Army, Public Representation, Family Medicine, Parent Representation and Community/Rural Area Representation.

Chair/Co-Chairs of the Network:

The Chair of the Network will be elected by the Network for a one year term in June of each year and will be reviewed in June of each subsequent year. The Network will reserve the right to elect a Co-Chair as needed.

Network Recorder:

The Network Recorder will be elected by the Network for a one year term in June of each year and will be reviewed in June of each subsequent year. The Network Recorder will determine how the Minutes will be taken. The Network will reserve the right to elect a Co-Recorder or rotating recorder, as needed.

Agendas and Minutes:

Network members may refer items to the Agenda by contacting the Chair in advance of the preparation and distribution of the Agenda for the upcoming meeting. The Chair will forward the meeting Agenda and background material to the membership one week in advance of the upcoming meeting.

Network members will advise the Chair if they are unable to attend the upcoming meeting. Any Network member (or invited guest) making a report to the Network will provide the Recorder with an electronic copy of his or her report for inclusion in the Minutes.

The Network Recorder will distribute the Minutes to the membership no later than two weeks after the meeting has occurred.

Time, Place and Frequency of Meetings:

Meetings will be held a minimum of four times a year. In the event that any additional meeting is necessary it will be called by the Network Chair and all members will receive notice. The Network will establish the location, dates and times of meetings in June of each year. Working Groups and/or Task Forces will meet as often as is necessary to accomplish their work plans.

Decision Making:

The Network will utilize a consensus model for decision making. Where consensus is not possible, a simple majority vote will be held (50% plus one (1), of members present at the time of the vote).

Although there may be several members for one organization on the Network, only one vote per agency will be allowed.

Issue Resolution:

The Network will use open dialogue to avert any issues that may arise. Should an issue arise, the Network will identify and analyze the issue, focus on common grounds and goals, and build agreement on appropriate actions to be taken to resolve the issue.

Conflict of Interest:

All members of the Network will be encouraged to participate fully in the business of the Network. A conflict of interest may occur when a member of the Network, his/her immediate family (spouse, partner, parent, child), or his/her organization or agency could benefit from a decision that is made. The onus of responsibility rests with each individual member as to whether or not he or she is in a conflict of interest. In such instances, the member will clarify his or her concerns with the Chair who will determine if the conflict of interest warrants precluding the member’s further participation in that portion of the meeting.

Working Groups and/or Task Forces:

The Network will establish Working Groups and/or Task Forces as deemed necessary. Such groups will consist of organizations, agencies or individuals as is relevant to the task. Each Working Group and/or Task Force will be accountable to the Network through their work plans.


Members of the Network will serve without personal remuneration.


The Network will maintain linkages with other relevant planning, advisory and/or information sharing Committees, Working Groups, and/or Task Forces.


The Network is accountable to the residents of Middlesex County. On an individual basis, each member will be accountable to their respective organization or agency.

These Terms of Reference will be reviewed, and amended as necessary, in the spring of every second year.


Updated: December 2014