The County of Middlesex is committed to being welcoming, supportive, and accessible to people for all walks of life. As part of this, we're continually reviewing our services to ensure greater accessibility for all.

This page offers information about the county's accessibility efforts, along with resources for companies in the county to help create a more inclusive environment. We encourage you to review our:

Middlesex County and LMPs Joint Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2022-2027

Joint Annual Accessibility Status Report 2023

Accessible formats and communication supports are available to the public upon request.

We welcome your feedback regarding the accessibility of our county's facilities and departments. You can fill out the Online Accessible Feedback Form or mail/fax a printable accessible feedback form.

Accessibility Policy

Middlesex County is committed to being responsive to the needs of all its residents and employees. In order to meet the needs of people with disabilities the County will:

  • Ensure policies, practices and procedures address dignity, independence, integration and provide for equal opportunity for people with disabilities.
  • Allow people with disabilities to use their own personal assistive devices to obtain, use or benefit from the services offered by the County.
  • Accommodate the accessibility needs of people with disabilities to ensure they can obtain, use or benefit from the County’s goods, services, programs and facilities.
  • Communicate with people with disabilities in a manner that takes into account the person’s disability.

View the complete policy: Legislative Policy 7.01 Corporate Accessibility Policy

Notices of Disruption

Should there be a disruption of services the following information will be provided:

  • Type of Disruption
  • Reason for Disruption
  • Disruption Duration
  • Alternate Facilities/ Services
  • Contact Information

Disaster Preparedness for those with Special Needs

By taking a few simple steps today, you can become better prepared to face a range of emergencies.
Find out more on our Disaster Preparedness page


Committee Background

Under the Ontarians With Disabilities Act, 2001 (ODA), Accessibility Advisory Committees must be established through a formal council motion, which includes the minimum responsibilities set out in the ODA and details the mandate of the committee.

Municipalities may establish additional responsibilities for their respective accessibility advisory committee such as providing advisory services to a transit agency or another municipality. With the concurrence of the affected local municipal Councils, the County established a joint Accessibility Advisory Committee.

The Joint Middlesex Accessibility Advisory Committee consists of

  • the County of Middlesex and the Municipality of Adelaide Metcalfe,
  • the Municipality of Lucan Biddulph,
  • the Municipality of Middlesex Centre,
  • the Municipality of North Middlesex,
  • the Municipality of Southwest Middlesex,
  • the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, and
  • the Municipality of Thames Centre.