The County of Middlesex is responsible for providing land ambulance services to all residents of the County of Middlesex, including those in the City of London. The Middlesex-London Paramedic Service provides 24-hour emergency and non emergency pre-hospital medical care and transportation to individuals experiencing injury or illness.

These services are delivered in accordance with the standards set by the County and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Ambulance services include the following:

  • All EMS paramedics are certified to provide Basic Life Support and Advance Life Support;
  • All ambulances are equipped to provide 12-lead electrocardiograms and airway management; and
  • Middlesex-London Paramedic Service and London Health Sciences Centre have implemented a procedure to provide rapid intervention for patients who may be having an ST Elevation Myocardial Infraction (STEMI), which if left untreated can result in a fatal heart attack.