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County-Wide Regulations

  • Hunting as regulated by MNRF is permitted in those woodlots owned by the County of Middlesex.
  • If you intend to hunt on private land you must first seek permission from the landowner
  • Game permitted to be harvested and firearm type used within woodlots owned by the County of Middlesex are regulated under the authority of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry. Please refer to the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary for further information
  • Target practice and clay shooting are not permitted in any County-owned Woodlots. Please make arrangements to visit your local gun range for these types of recreational gun use activities
  • All parking at County-owned woodlots is limited to the shoulder of the road, and NOT within the woodlot entrance, or on logging access roads
  • Camping is strictly prohibited in County-owned woodlots at any time.
  • Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited within woodlots owned by the County of Middlesex, for hunting or any other purposes.

If you have specific questions regarding hunting, please contact the County Woodland Conservation Officer or contact the Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry.

County Owned Woodlots Mapping

North Middlesex

  • Big Swamp Forest is available for gun or archery hunting as regulated by MNRF

Southwest Middlesex

  • Effective September 1, 2019, Sunday gun hunting is permitted
  • McLaren Forest – Strictly no gun hunting this woodlot is available for Archery Hunting Only

Skunks Misery Woodlot Complex (part of Southwest Middlesex)

  • Please Note: Private landowners, Lower Thames Conservation Authority and Thames Talbot Land Trust own some woodlands within the Skunks Misery complex. Hunting is ONLY permitted within woodlands owned by the County of Middlesex. Please make note of signs posted indicating the woodlot boundaries. If you are unsure of your location and think you may be on private land, DO NOT HUNT, check maps and signage and do not hunt near recreational hiking trails.
  • County-Owned Woodlots: Bayne, Gardiner, Hurdle, Leech, Miller, Misery, Moore, McMaster, Newbury,  Patterson, Ritchie, Sayler, Squire, Taylor, Tunks, Vey

Thames Centre

  • Banks Forest – Strictly no gun hunting this woodlot is available for Archery Hunting Only