Local Council Day

Council Chambers

Local Council Day was a day when Middlesex County invited local councilors and staff from each municipality for an in-depth information session about all County services, the Strategic Plan and the County's guiding principles, the budget and it's current and future impacts, and addressing issues the region is facing. 

CAO's presentation

Local Municipal Day

Below are reports from County Officers:


Report from Engineering Supervisor -

Pilot Phragmites Treatment Update 


Report from Accessibility Coordinator Presentation -

Accessibility Roles and Responsibilities .


Report from Woodland Conservation Officer - 

County Forestry Services 2023 Update


Report from Director of Planning and Development - 

Planning Reform - Bill 97 & New Provincial Planning Statement


Report from Economic Development -

Economic Development and Tourism Update


Report from Director of Legal Services / County Barrister and Solicitor  -

County Legal Services Update.



Report from Community Emergency Management Coordinator -

Middlesex County Emergency Management Update