By-Law #6874 - User Fees and Changes

Establish User Fees and Service Charges for Transportation Services

By-Law #6272 - Signs

By-Law to Regulate the Erection of Signs on or Overhanging County Road Allowances

By-Law #5990 - Encroachments

A By-Law to provide for the regulation of permanent encroachments upon, under or over highways within the County of Middlesex and to repeal By-law #5843

By-Law #5966 - Roadway Service Standards

A By-law to Establish Minimum and Desirable Roadway Service Standards for County of Middlesex Highways

By-Law #5783 - Construction

A By-law to Regulate the Use, Construction or Alteration of any Entrance Ways, Private Roads or Access to a County Highway

By-Law #5648 - County Highways

A By-law to Provide for the Regulation of Activities Upon, Under, Over or Nearby County Highways