Middlesex Family Connections


Middlesex Family Connections was established as a means to improve connections between children and families and the services and supports they need in Middlesex County.

Middlesex Family Connections provides families with a centralized online portal for accessing information on local family-centered services. This portal includes public sector, nonprofit and charitable organizations and programs that are licensed, regulated, and funded by various levels of government to serve children and families in Middlesex County.

Through this portal families can also access information on Community Connectors who can help facilitate connections to family-centered community agencies.  

Explore the Middlesex Family Connections online portal.

Middlesex County Library Branches act as hubs for accessing information on family-centered supports and services in Middlesex County.  Library staff are knowledgeable and trusted Community Connectors equipped to help provide families with information on whom and how to connect to service agencies as well as providing access to key resources relevant to the service or support. 

Middlesex County Library Branches also host Middlesex Family Connections Information Centres that house relevant information on local services.

Connect with a Community Connector:

  • By phone at (519) 245-8237 (please leave a message)
  • By email at @email
  • In person by visiting a Middlesex County Library branch
  • For caregivers with children 0-6 years of age you can also connect with a Middlesex EarlyON Facilitator. Call 519-666-3227 or email @email.