Middlesex and London Child Care Waitlist (OneHSN)

OneHSN is a platform to connect caregivers looking for licensed child care with licensees who have available space, or to be added to a waitlist for a future space. OneHSN is being used across the County of Middlesex to improve the waitlist process, improve communication, and ensure consistent data collection from a Service System Planning perspective.

All applications for licensed child care must take place within OneHSN (link). If you contact a program directly to be placed on their waitlist, you will be redirected to OneHSN.

All licensed child care sites in the County of Middlesex have an active account with OneHSN. On the website, you will find up-to-date information about the details of each program, availability of the programs including days of the week and hours, and whether programs are enrolled in the Canada Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement (CWELCC) and accept Fee Subsidy.

Please note: Fee Subsidy applications do not take place through OneHSN. To apply for Fee Subsidy, visit (link coming soon).

Once you apply for a program, you will receive an email welcome letter from the program containing all of the information listed above, as well as other program information including waitlist policies, procedures, and any other steps the program would like you to take as part of the waitlist process.

While you are on a program’s waitlist, you will receive updates from the program regarding your status on the waitlist.

For assistance in creating your family/user profile, there is an instructional video on the OneHSN website. For additional technical support, please contact OneHSN directly at @email.


Child Care Waiting List

OneHSN application form