Reusable Hygiene Product Initiative Middlesex County Application

Reusable hygiene products

What is this benefit? 

The County of Middlesex knows that for many people, access to menstrual (period) products, like pads and tampons, can be a challenge. Not having access can prevent individuals from attending school, work, or community events, and can have a negative impact on their health. The products are also expensive, and the choice may sometimes be between buying menstrual products or food.

Starting February 2023, for Ontario Works and ODSP clients, we are offering a benefit of a reimbursement of up to $50 per eligible person in your household (you, a spouse, and any dependents who experience a period/menstruation) if you purchase a reusable period product, such as washable pads, panty-liners, or menstrual cups. These products can last for years with proper care, and usually cost less than $50. If you use a reusable product, you may use significantly fewer disposable pads/tampons (or none at all!), which is good for the environment and saves you money every month.

We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions given with your product (often on the box or as part of a pamphlet inside) about cleaning and taking care of the product. There are also many resources online about how to care for your products and your own menstrual health.

Other Details

Please keep your receipt, the County will ask you for a copy. 

The details you give us as part of your application will be compared to the details we have on file. Please make sure you keep your information up-to-date with your caseworker.

If your application is denied for any reason, we will contact you.

If your application is successful, you will not be able to apply again for 12 months. 

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