Child Care and Early Years Service System Plan

The Child Care and Early Years Service System Plan (service system plan) serves as the roadmap for a four year time period. The County of Middlesex works with the City of London, as the Service System Manager (SSM), to meet the mandate and directive from the Province of Ontario to engage in system-wide planning for licensed child care and early years.

The service system plan provides a picture of the current services and opportunities for growth and development in London-Middlesex, based on the input and feedback from parents/caregivers, child care centres, as well as multiple service providers.

Licensed child care and early years services have undergone transformative change in the last few years.

A family-centred approach is at the core of this service system plan. In alignment with the work of the Middlesex Children’s Service Network and the London’s Child & Youth Network (CYN), the objective is to improve outcomes for families by creating change through a culture shift using a “collective impact” approach. This approach emphasizes collaboration between community partners and families, interprofessional practice among service providers, and the continued integration of services for families as a mechanism to improve access to supports and services.

Middlesex County and City of London are excited to continue to grow and expand this work over the next 4 years by strengthening the planned, strategic approach to collaboration with service system partners in the community.

2024-2028 Service Plan 
2019-2023 Service Plan