Employment Supports

Employment Services assists clients with the following supports in order to secure and retain employment:

  • Job Search Support Services
  • Basic Education 
  • Employment Placement 
  • Job Specific Skills Training 
  • Support to Self Employment

A Caseworker assists clients to set goals for themselves for education, training, and employment. They assist the client in considering alternative and creative choices based on the client's current skills and strengths, and may even help the client to find training options that meet their needs. Monitoring a client's progress is usually part of the services offered by a Caseworker. This support helps job seekers stay on track and focused on their goals and specific programs.
Funds may be provided to assist with employment-related participation expenses.

For more information contact 519-434-7321, email @email or talk to your caseworker

If you are seeking employment, view the Employment Resources Centers page for more information.