Childcare Fee Subsidy Program

The County of Middlesex offers a Fee Subsidy Program that is intended to help eligible families with the cost of their childcare expenses. The program helps families by paying a portion of the childcare cost to the childcare centre.

You may be eligible for childcare fee subsidy if:

  • You have children aged 0-12 years
  • You are a resident of Middlesex County
  • You are working or attending school
  • You have a referral from a professional who is recommending childcare

Families must submit a childcare application and all required documents to the childcare department where it will be reviewed. Once reviewed and if eligible, families will be contacted by telephone for an appointment. The Fee Subsidy Program is a provincially mandated program with capped funding and currently the demand for subsidy is higher than the dollars provided, so currently the County of Middlesex is in a wait list situation. This means that there are no funds available at this time to place any new children/families.

If deemed eligible, you will be placed on the wait list and when funds become available families will be placed in priority of the wait list.

  1. Children whose parent (s) have an annual adjusted family income under $20,000
  2. Children whose parent (s) have an annual adjusted family income under $30,000
  3. Children who have been referred to a child care program by a recognized referral agency/physician for developmental reasons
  4. All other children of eligible families

Please use our Childcare Subsidy Calculator to see what your daily parent fee could be

Families can also access the London and Middlesex List found on the family web site to find a listing of all childcare centers in Middlesex County and London.  Families can apply to the child care centers through this site and can also complete a subsidy application online as well. Please visit the London and Middlesex Regional Child Care Waitlist website for more information. Application forms are available at the County Building, all Child Care Centers and Employment Resource Centres located in Strathroy, Glencoe, Parkhill, Lucan and Dorchester or download the Childcare Application Subsidy OR complete the Online Childcare Subsidy Application Form (may take up to 10 seconds to load).

Childcare Brochure

For more information contact 519-434-7321 ext. 2289 or email @email