Childcare Subsidy Calculator

Family Make-up

Enter the number of children living with you who need childcare

0 - 18 Months (Infants)

18 Months - 2.5 Years (Toddlers)

2.5 - 6 Years (Pre-schoolers)

6+ Years (School-age)

Income Information

Enter line 236 from the income tax Notice of Assessment/Notice of Reassessment for each applicant

236 Net Income (First Applicant)

236 Net Income (Second Applicant)

OR enter your Family Income from the Canada Child Tax Benifit Statement

Family Income

The cost of child care is -- per day and -- per month, your fee is -- per day and -- per month

*These calculation are based on before and afterschool cost and not full day*
*This is just an estimate, actual fees will be decided at an in person meeting*