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Middlesex County Governance

Middlesex County is a vibrant, growing collection of communities located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario.

We believe our continued growth and development is powered by a strong residential and business community that works in conjunction with a dedicated County Council on efforts that support our County Council’s mission statement:

“Through strong leadership, growth management, and partnerships, Middlesex County will enhance the quality of life and the economic, environmental, and industrial sustainability of the county.”

County Council

The Middlesex County Council is made up of the mayors and deputy mayors representing seven of the eight local municipalities within the county’s borders:

The composition of the Middlesex County Council is as follows:

  • Head of County Council is elected annually, in December, by a vote at Council and is known as the Warden;
  • Each municipality elects its own Council and Mayor;
  • The Mayor is head of each local Council;
  • Each Mayor also sits on the County Council;
  • In municipalities where the number of electors is over 5,000, an additional county council seat is bestowed upon the municipality’s Deputy Mayor.

Get Involved!

We encourage all residents to learn more about their local and county councils, and we welcome the support, ideas, and efforts of a creative and engaged community. In this section, we invite you to explore upcoming meeting agendas and contact information for the various representatives.