Emergency Plans Manual

1.    Emergency Plans Manual – Table of Contents
2.    Emergency Planning Coordination
3.    Emergency Colour Codes
4.    Evacuation and Relocation Plan
          a.    Evacuating Residents - Responsibilities
          b.    Evacuation Process
          c.    Evacuation Readiness
          d.    Evacuation Transportation
          e.    Resident Lift and Carry Techniques
          f.    Temporary Evacuation Sites
          g.    London-Middlesex Long Term Care Homes Collaborative Emergency Shelter Plan 
          h.    Post-evacuation Return to Lodge
           i.    Reception Centre (Receiving Evacuated Residents from Others)
5.    Fire Plan
6.    Outbreak Plan
           a.    Outbreak Management – Respiratory Illness
           b.    Outbreak Management – Enteric Illness
7.    Pandemic Response Plan
           a.    Administrative Introduction
           b.    Communication
           c.    Resident Menu
           d.    Essential Resident Needs
           e.    Supplies and Equipment
           f.     Staffing Guidelines
           g.    Essential Staffing
8.    Community Disaster Plan
9.    Chemical Spill Plan
10.  Violent Outburst Plan
11.   Bomb Threat Plan
12.   Medical Emergency Plan
          a.    CPR
          b.    Anaphylaxis
          c.    Seizures/Convulsions
13.    Missing Resident Plan
14.    Loss of Essential Services Plan
          a.    Gas Outage
          b.    Hydro Outage
          c.    Water Shut Off
          d.    Ambulance
15.    Gas Leak Plan
16.    Natural Disasters Plan
          a.    Extreme Weather Event
          b.    Snow and Ice Storm
          c.    Sewage Backup
17.    Water Quality Advisory Plan
18.    Flood Plan
19.    Food Advisory Alert Plan
20.   Vehicle Accident Plan