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At Middlesex County Connect, we take great pride in our deep connection with the lives of many. We listen to the stories of our passengers, our dedicated team, and the vibrant community. Now, we eagerly extend an invitation for you to share your Middlesex County Connect experiences with us. Whether it's about a memorable journey, an act of kindness, or a life-changing moment, we are eager to hear it all.

We encourage you to email your story to us at @email, along with a photo if you'd like, or simply use the hashtag #countyconnect on social media.

Meet Daniel, our first passenger on Route 1's launch day

Daniel was our first passenger when the Route 1 bus service from Lucan to London was launched on Monday, May 29, 2023.

Debbie's heartwarming journey with Middlesex County Connect

Meet Debbie! She's a regular rider of the Middlesex County Connect bus service, and she's incredibly thankful for it. Debbie relies on the bus to visit her grandchildren and has consistently experienced exceptional professionalism from the drivers. She wishes that this invaluable system continues indefinitely.

Debra's trip to Arva Flour Mills

Meet Debra! She hopped on the Middlesex County Connect to take a trip to the Arva Flour Mills where she enjoyed a wonderful lunch and a hike. She says that Middlesex Connect provides a fantastic service and hopes that this service continues to grow. She looks forward to enjoying more trips in the County.

Emma's daily commute to London

Emma was our first passenger on the second day of launch of our Route 1 bus service, traveling from Lucan to London. She has since become a regular commuter, relying on the bus throughout the week to reach her workplace at CF Masonville Place in London.

John's Journey: Reconnecting After 30 Years via Middlesex County Connect

John rode the Middlesex County Connect Route 3 bus for the first time on Tuesday, May 7th. He traveled from London to visit an old friend in St. Thomas after more than 30 years. The adventure began with a ride on the LTC bus #13 from Downtown London to Wellington Road by White Oaks Mall, where he took the Middlesex County Connect bus to St. Thomas.

On the bus, John met three fellow travelers heading to Port Stanley, planning to use Uber from St. Thomas. Upon arrival at the Railway City Transit Hub in St. Thomas, John was greeted by his friend Keith.

After a wonderful 3-day visit, John returned to London via the Middlesex County Connect bus and then took the #13 LTC bus back to Downtown London.

He expresses heartfelt gratitude for the new bus route connecting Dorchester, London, and St. Thomas. He plans to visit his old friend in St. Thomas every month and sincerely hopes the route continues and expands.

Jocelyn and Andre's Summer Adventures in Dorchester
Jocelyn and Andre

Jocelyn and Andre were visiting from Antigua and were here for the summer in Dorchester. They used the Middlesex County Connect bus to visit family, get around, sightsee, and explore the local tourism in the area. Jocelyn said it was exactly the solution she had needed!

Kim and Sharon connecting with friends and nature
Kim and Sharon

Kim and Sharon, who are from Dorchester, took advantage of one of the beautiful days to ride the Route 2 bus to CF Masonville Place in London. They met a friend there and then walked the nearby trails.

Kevin's Urban Escape with Middlesex County Connect

Kevin loves riding with Middlesex County Connect! Since he does not drive and lives in the city, this service has been a game-changer for him. It allows him to escape the urban hustle and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. He frequently visits the Middlesex County libraries in Lucan and Ilderton, as well as explores the stores in Lucan. Recognizing the importance of ridership, Kevin emphasizes the need for continued support, emphasizing that Middlesex Connect requires riders to sustain its valuable services.

Kevin, our regular commuter

Kevin regularly takes the bus from Dorchester to Fanshawe College for work nearby. He finds both the service and the driver to be excellent.

Kurtis's journey on the Lucan to London Bus

Kurtis was super excited to independently ride the bus from Lucan to London to meet up with his support worker for the day. His mother, Suzanne, expressed how the transportation system has truly benefited their family, providing Kurtis with greater access to community activities. She said that the bus driver is a kind man who communicates well and has been supportive of this opportunity for Kurtis and was grateful that this fantastic service was introduced to them. 

Melissa's Gateway to Exploration

Melissa appreciates how Middlesex County Connect provides her with the opportunity to venture beyond the city and explore various places in both Lucan and Ilderton. Given that her primary modes of transportation are walking or taking the bus, this service has become an invaluable resource for her. As a regular rider, Melissa expresses her commitment to continue using the service as long as it is available. She emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of the service, highlighting that for the same price, one couldn't even cover the distance with a $5.00 gas tank refill. Melissa values the accessibility and convenience that Middlesex Connect brings to her travel experiences.

Ryan's heartwarming experience
Ryan Bugayong

As a newcomer in London, Ryan has found Middlesex County Connect to be a reliable transit option from his home to his workplace in Ingersoll. He appreciates the accessibility of the Fanshawe College Main Campus bus stop, which is conveniently located near his home, and the proximity of the Ingersoll stop to his workplace. Ryan not only finds the service to be very convenient but also comfortable and affordable!

Shelley, Kathy and and their gnome companion onboard the Middlesex County Connect bus
shelly and kathy

Shelley, Kathy, and their gnome companion were onboard the Middlesex County Connect bus, and they couldn't have been more excited. It was fantastic to see our community coming together and enjoying the convenience and connectivity Middlesex County Connect offers.

Sundar's opportunity for an Interview
Sundar McFarlan Rowlands - Dorchester

Sundar, a newcomer to the County, was able to make it to his interview by taking Middlesex County Connect. He commented that Middlesex County Connect was the only way for him to get to his interview. He got the job and was able to secure an apartment in the County. He continues to use the bus to commute to his job!