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At Middlesex County Connect, we are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible transportation service for everyone. We have implemented a range of features to remove barriers and make our buses accessible to all passengers.

✔️ Wheelchair Accessibility: All our buses are wheelchair accessible with high floor ramp access and two (2) wheelchair spaces. The buses are equipped with an accessible lift on the passenger side of the bus to assist passengers. The lift can be used by passengers with limited mobility or who require a mobility aid which prevents them from boarding at the front of the bus. The lift can be deployed by the bus operator upon request; however, you must be able to maneuver your mobility aid into the designated area on the bus. The final decision concerning if the mobility aid can be safely loaded onto the bus will be at the discretion of operator.

✔️ Temporary Inaccessible Stops: We understand that some bus stops may be temporarily inaccessible. Rest assured, in such situations, our riders will be given the option to board or exit the bus at the nearest accessible and safe location.

✔️ Free Support Person Travel: We value the importance of support for individuals with disabilities. Therefore, a support person can travel free of charge with someone who has an identified medical requirement for assistance.

✔️ Service Animals: We extend a warm welcome to individuals with disabilities and their valuable service animals. We understand the significance of these animals in providing essential assistance to their owners. You are more than welcome to have your support animal accompany you when using our transit service. For passengers with disabilities accompanied by service animals, we kindly request that the animals remain with their owners throughout their journey. To ensure a safe and comfortable ride for all passengers, we ask that the service animals be kept under control at all times and be clear of all aisles and exits.

Middlesex County Connect is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for all passengers. We firmly believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to travel conveniently and comfortably.

Your well-being and comfort are our utmost priority, and we'll continue to improve our services to better serve you. Hop on board with us and experience a seamless and accommodating journey!



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* If outside service hours, please leave a message and staff will return your call as soon as possible. 

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Anum Maqsood
Community Transportation Project Manager
County of Middlesex

Cindy Howard
General Manager Finance and Community Services
County of Middlesex

Cara A. Finn 
Director of Economic Development
County of Middlesex

Middlesex County Connect has been made possible through funding provided by the Government of Ontario's Community Transportation Grant Program.