Middlesex County Council Meeting Highlights – March 14, 2023

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March 16, 2023
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Middlesex County Council Meeting Highlights – March 14, 2023

Council Highlights is an informal summary of selected actions taken by Middlesex County Council or Committee of the Whole at business meetings. The Council Highlights are not an official record of County Council proceedings. To view official agendas and minutes, please visit Council Meetings and Minutes.

Planning Approval Authority Fee Review

The Committee of the Whole approved the updated Planning Act Tariff of Fees. Middlesex County is the delegated Approval Authority for all local official plans, official plan amendments, plans of subdivision, plans of condominiums and part lot control by-laws. To process these files and to offset the County’s cost, fees are collected from applicants. The County’s Planning fees are reviewed from time to time and are due for an update to address inflation of costs and a new complexity of developments occurring across the County. The staff report recommends that the updated Approval Authority Fees be put in place for May 1, 2023. For more information and to review the updated Fee Schedule, see the Planning Approval Authority Fee Review.

Renewal of the 911 Central Emergency Reporting Bureau (CERB) Contract

County Council approved the renewal of the Central Emergency Reporting Bureau (CERB) (Neutral Answering) Agreement. Middlesex County has contracted the London Police Services Board since the beginning of the 9-1-1 system in 1997 to be the Central Emergency Reporting Bureau (CERB) for the County. This service involves taking all 9-1-1 calls and then forwarding them to the appropriate Police, Fire or Ambulance dispatch centres. London Police Services Board have notified the County of Middlesex that after this renewal the increase in the volume of calls and other operational constraints and changes will require a renegotiation of this agreement prior to the next renewal in spring of 2024. If approved, the agreement and all terms contained therein would be from to March 20, 2023 to March 19, 2024. For more information, see 911 Central Emergency Reporting Bureau (CERB) Contract Renewal with London Police Department.

Dedicated Offload Delay Nurse Program Contract

County Council passed a renewed annual Agreement between London Health Sciences Centre, the County of Middlesex and the Middlesex-London Paramedic Service for the approval of the Dedicated Offload Nurse Program. On December 22, 2022, the Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones, approved funding to Middlesex County and Middlesex-London Paramedic Service (MLPS) in one-time funding for the 2022-2023 funding year to provide an EMS Offload Nurse for 24 hours per day 7 days per week at both the Victoria Hospital site and University Hospital site. This renewed Agreement provides temporary relief and will further assist paramedics in restoring resources back to the 911 system. Warden Cathy Burghardt-Jesson, the County Clerk, and the Chief of the Middlesex-London Paramedic Service were authorized to execute the agreement. For more information, see The Offload Nurse Report.

Tenders for the 2023 Construction Season Awarded

County Council approved the award of 7 tenders for the upcoming construction season, including the tender for Glass Beads, Roadside Weed Spraying, Cold in Place Asphalt Recycling, Concrete Curb and Gutter, the Supply and Installation of Subdrains and two tenders for Hot Mix Asphalt Contracts. For more information on these tenders, check out the March 14, 2023 Agenda.

Councillor Michelle Smibert joins the Middlesex London Food Policy Council committee

County Council approved the appointment of Michelle Smibert to the Middlesex London Food Policy (MLFPC) Committee. This committee meets once per month and the MLFPC’s mandates is to identify challenges in local food systems and promote collaboration among sectors to address their economic viability, environmental sustainability, and social justice. For more information on how the MLFPC’s mandates aligns with the County’s strategic focus, see the Appointment to the Middlesex London Food Policy Council report.

Recommendations made by the Committee of the Whole at the March 14, 2023 meeting will be considered by County Council at its next regular meeting on March 28, 2023. The Legislative Services Department maintains the official record for all County government proceedings.

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