Strategic Plan

2021-2024 Strategic Plan Middlesex County

The 2021 to 2024 Strategic Plan establishes a clear direction and focus for the County. As the community is constantly growing and changing, strategic planning assists in developing the right goals and targets to help everyone focus their efforts into achieving them. It also ensures that the County of Middlesex is well positioned to capitalize on future opportunities that arise.

Strategic Focus 


Cultivating Community Vitality 

Advance a diverse, healthy, and engaged community across Middlesex County 


Connecting Through Infrastructure 

Ensure communities are built on a sustainable foundation that is connected and thriving  


Strengthening Our Economy 

Encourage a diverse and robust economic base throughout the county 



Promoting Service Excellence

Innovate and transform municipal service delivery 

Our Guiding Principles Are... 

  1. Balancing the rural-urban qualities of the County
  2. Building relationships and working in a collaborative and supportive way
  3. Leading through innovation, evaluation, and continuous improvement
  4. Recognizing the uniqueness of our local municipal partners
  5. Maintaining financial sustainability
  6. Focusing on diversity and inclusion
  7. Being flexible and responsive