Child Care Service Plan

The London-Middlesex Child Care and Early Years Service System Plan serves as a road map for child care and early years planning, providing a picture of current services and opportunities for growth throughout the area between 2019-2023. 

The service system plan provides a picture of the current services and opportunities for growth and development in London-Middlesex, based on the input and feedback from over 1,730 parents/ caregivers, as well as multiple service providers. It builds on the Family-Centred Service System work that has been underway in the community since 2007. Licensed child care and early years services have undergone transformative change in the last few years.

A family-centred approach is at the core of this service system plan. In alignment with the work of London’s Child & Youth Network (CYN) and the Middlesex Children’s Service Network, the objective is to improve outcomes for families by creating change through a culture shift using a “collective impact” approach. This approach emphasizes collaboration between community partners and families, interprofessional practice among service providers, and the continued integration of services for families as a mechanism to improve access to supports and services.

The City of London and Middlesex County are excited to continue to grow and expand this work over the next 4 years by strengthening the planned, strategic approach to collaboration with service system partners in the community. 

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