Community Transportation Grant Program

The Ontario government announced support for transit projects in Middlesex County that will make life easier for people living in Middlesex County with few public transportation options.

Updates to this program will be posted here


Community Transportation Grant - Overview 

  • $1.5 million over 5 years
  • Microtransit service
  • Link communities to principal urban areas
  • Test and learn approach to shape the system
  • Starting in Thames Centre
  • Three phases: community engagement, pilot, full implementation
  • Evaluation conducted in each phase


Phase One: Community Engagement 

  • Ask individuals, employers, and service providers to provide feedback about:
    • Proposed routes
    • Stops
    • Destinations
    • Fares
    • Service delivery model
  • Develop service model for the pilot of the microtransit system

May 2020: Community Engagement is currently taking place through the use of online focus groups (individual and business focused) and Phase II of the online survey.


Phase Two: Pilot

  • Pilot one route of the microtransit service, originating in Dorchester
  • Potential routes to London and Woodstock (via Ingersoll)
  • Pilot must start in year one of the funding 
  • Pilot will operate for one year and be evaluated

September 2020: Launch date September 21, 2020.


Phase Three: Full Implementation

Broader implementation of the microtransit service, with multiple routes

  • Evaluation will be conducted one year into full implementation
  • Further routes will be explored
  • Focus on long-term sustainability