Middlesex 2046 - Middlesex County Official Plan Update

Middlesex County is creating an updated framework for growth and development to 2046 and is seeking ideas and input from people who live, work, or volunteer in the County.

Over the next 25 years, the County will grow at a faster rate than the previous 25 years.  Recent projections show that, by 2046, the population of Middlesex County could be between 96,300 and 115,000. 

Middlesex County 2046 Story Map

The County is creating a plan to ensure Middlesex County is ready for this growth and is seeking input from the community.

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Input will be used to update the Middlesex County Official Plan

The Middlesex County Official Plan is a comprehensive planning document that outlines a long-term vision for land use on a broad basis.  It is the bridge between provincial policies and local Official Plans, providing high-level direction for the development and land use in Middlesex County’s communities.

This spring, the County will be updating its Official Plan to:

  • Prepare a renewed framework for growth and development for the next 25 years.
  • Ensure the County Official Plan is consistent and complies with recent changes to provincial policy, legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Ensure the County Official Plan is consistent with new County policies and plans, such as the Strategic Plan, Economic Development Strategy, and other County initiatives.
  • Engage members of the public and stakeholder groups and ensure feedback is considered during the update process.

The proposed amendment would change, replace, add, and delete policy and mapping. The proposed amendment is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement and the County of Middlesex is not subject to a Provincial Plan.

Topics Under Consideration

Middlesex County is seeking feedback on the following topics:

  • Agriculture – Continuing to protect the County’s agricultural land and public feedback on farm sizes and surplus dwellings.
  • Natural Heritage – Protecting species and ecosystems.
  • Economy – Understanding public views on the availability and variety of employment options and lands, County tourism assets, transportation for employment, and suitability of infrastructure.
  • Development – Obtaining public feedback on how the County should accommodate growth, including ideas on community design and innovative development opportunities in urban areas.
  • Housing – Gathering ideas related to increasing housing availability and attainability in Middlesex County.

How to Participate:

Members of the public are invited to participate in one or more of the following ways.

Middlesex County is also consulting local municipalities, regulatory agencies, advisory committees, local businesses and developers, agricultural producers and businesses, and First Nations during the update process.

Proposed Official Plan Amendment For Council consideration

Other Background Information

The Official Plan Update will also include: changes associated with provincial direction, legislative requirements related to source drinking water protection, alignment with healthy communities policies, and administrative changes.

Important background plans and studies that are being considered during the review process include:

For More Information:

For further information please see Middlesex County 2046 Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Director of Planning using the form provided below.