County Official Plan

The Middlesex County Official Plan is a comprehensive planning document that outlines the long-term vision for Middlesex County. The Plan directs and guides the County in land use policy and physical planning on a broad basis. It establishes an upper-tier policy framework that provides guidance to local municipalities in the preparation of local official plans and zoning by-laws. The Plan sets a framework for coordination and cooperation amongst local municipalities and the County on planning and development issues that transcend municipal boundaries.

The County Official Plan contains policies dealing with issues of Provincial and County interest. The Plan contains specific land use policies for Settlement Areas, Agricultural Areas, and Natural Environment Areas. It also provides a policy framework for issues such as Resource Management, Growth Management, and the provision of Physical Services, such as transportation facilities. It recognizes the planning powers and authorities vested in the local municipalities and therefore does not address in detail those planning matters which are most appropriately dealt with at the local level. The County Official Plan provides a framework for more detailed strategies, policies, and land use designations in local official plans.

Official Plan Update

Visit the Official Plan Update page to learn about the recent update to the official plan.