Boards and Committees

Middlesex County Council appoints Councillors to various Boards and Committees of Council each term. These Boards and Committees include:

- the Middlesex Accessibility Advisory Committee,
- the Budget Committee,
- the Planning Advisory Committee,
- the County-City Liaison Committee,
- the Library Board,
- the Middlesex-London Paramedic Services Authority Board, 
- the Middlesex-London Board of Health, and
- the Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

In addition to these County Boards and Committees, Middlesex County Councillors are also appointed or elected to various third party Boards and Committees. Navigate below to see the various Boards and Committees that the Councillors sit at and to learn more about the different Boards and Committees and the roles of the members.

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Middlesex Accessibility Advisory Committee

The County of Middlesex Accessibility Advisory Committee is established in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The committee assists Middlesex County Council and local municipal councils in improving opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in County programs and services.

Representatives (2023 Term):

  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Councillor John Brennan
  • Councillor Allan Mayhew
  • Michele Ivanouski
  • Leslie-Anne Steeper-Doxtator
  • Nancy Wickerson-Harmer
  • Jerrica Gilbert

Past MAAC Meeting Agendas and Minutes

MAAC Terms of Reference

Interested in being a committee member of the Middlesex Accessibility Advisory Committee? The County of Middlesex selects committee members each new term of Council or when a vacancy becomes available. See Committee and Board Recruitment for current vacancies and for more information.

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Middlesex County Budget Committee

The Middlesex County Budget Committee reviews draft budget documents prepared by staff to make recommendations to County Council for approval.

Representatives (2023 Term):

  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Councillor Cathy Burghardt-Jesson
  • Councillor Brian Ropp
  • Councillor Susan Clarke
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Planning Advisory Committee

The Middlesex County Planning Advisory Committee is a provincially mandated committee appointed by County Council. The Planning Advisory Committee provides information, perspective and recommendations to County Council on broad planning matters that may have an impact or effect on the planning functions of the County.

Representatives (2023 Term): 

  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Councillor Allan Mayhew
  • Councillor John Brennan
  • Councillor Sharron McMillan
  • Ian Brebner
  • Jesse Fischer
  • Brad Richards
  • Jim Maudsley

2022 Planning Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Interested in being a committee member of the Planning Advisory Committee? The County of Middlesex selects committee members each new term of Council or when a vacancy becomes available. See Committee and Board Recruitment for current vacancies and for more information.

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Library Board

The Middlesex County Library has a governing body which known as the Library Board and is constituted in accordance with the provisions of and operates in conformity with current Ontario public library legislation. The Library Board oversees policy making and planning for the provision of library service in Middlesex County.

The Middlesex County Library Board is appointed by Middlesex County Council and operates under the Public Libraries Act R.R.O. 1990, c. P. 44.

Representatives (2023 Term):

  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Councillor Sharron McMillan
  • Ruth Adams
  • Jim Maudsley
  • Marigay Wilkins
  • Brad Richards

Library Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Terms of Reference

For more information on Middlesex County Library, check out the Middlesex County Library website.

Interested in being a member of the Library Board? The County of Middlesex selects committee members each new term of Council or when a vacancy becomes available. See Committee and Board Recruitment for current vacancies and for more information.

Middlesex-London Paramedic Services Authority Board

The Middlesex-London Paramedic Services Authority Board is a municipal service board created under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001. The Authority Board has been operational since October 11, 2011, and operates as an advisory Committee of County Council relating to land ambulance operations within the service delivery area.

The Authority Board, recommends topics for County Council to consider, reviews reports and makes recommendations to County Council, provides advice and input to the Authority Board and more.

Representatives (2023 Term): 

  • Councillor Cathy Burghardt-Jesson
  • Councillor Brian Ropp
  • Councillor Mike McGuire
  • City Councillor Susan Stevenson
  • Bill Rayburn

Terms of Reference: Middlesex London Paramedic Services Authority Board

Learn more about Middlesex London Paramedic Service.

Middlesex County and City of London
County/City Liaison Committee

The County/City Liaison Committee is a joint liaison committee comprised of elected officials, and it was established to discuss and consider matters of mutual concern between the City of London and the County of Middlesex. The role of the Committee is strictly to act as an advisory body. The Committee does not have any delegated authority, and any reports or recommendations arising from the Committee are not binding on either the City or the County. The participating Councils shall have the final determination in respect of any report or  recommendation received from the Committee.

Middlesex County Council Representatives: 

  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Councillor Colin Grantham

Memorandum of Understanding: County/City Liaison Committee


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Middlesex-London Board of Health

The Board of Health for the Middlesex-London Health Unit is made up of Municipal and Provincial Representatives. The Board is comprised of five Provincial Representatives, three Middlesex County Representatives and three City of London Representatives.

Municipal Representatives are appointed for the duration of their term in public office, which is usually a 3-year term. Provincial Representatives are appointed for a term; the length of which is decided by the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. 


  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Councillor Michelle Smibert
  • Councillor Mike McGuire

Overview: Middlesex-London Board of Health

County Building
Intergovernmental Relations Committee

The purpose of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee is to guide Council on issues of municipal interest related to the: Federal and Provincial governments; regional and local government and other related organizations; First Nations; broader public-sector organizations; and any other matter deemed to be of an intergovernmental nature.


  • Warden Aina DeViet
  • Deputy Warden Cathy Burghardt-Jesson
  • Councillor Michelle Smibert
  • Councillor Susan Clarke

Terms of Reference: Intergovernmental Relations Committee




Other Boards and Committees:

Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) Board of Directors, County Caucus

The Association of Municipalities Ontario Board of Directors works to make municipal governments stronger and more effective. Through AMO, Ontario’s 444 municipalities work together to achieve shared goals and meet common challenges. Through policy development, cost-saving programs, conferences and training opportunities, AMO provides municipal officials with tools to succeed, and programs to help maximize taxpayer dollars.

Members of the Board help set policy for the association and serve as key municipal leaders in the province. During the 2022-2024 term, AMO will be particularly focused on matters related to economic recovery and prosperity, planning and growth, affordable housing, ending homelessness, infrastructure investment, broadband expansion, and transit. In addition, AMO is focusing on social infrastructure and policies that enable everyone in Ontario to achieve their full potential. Investment in public health, community paramedicine, long term care, human services, community mental health and addiction round out AMO’s top priorities

Elected Member:

  • Warden Aina DeViet, Caucus Chair, County Caucus - Contact
London-Middlesex Community Housing 

The London-Middlesex Community Housing Board of Directors is comprised of a group of local business and community leaders who dedicate their personal time to help strengthen Middlesex County and City of London communities.

London-Middlesex Community Housing (LMCH) manages all publicly owned rent-geared-to-income housing in London and Middlesex. MLCH is governed by a Board of nine Directors. This includes two councillors from the City of London and one elected official from the County of Middlesex.


  • Councillor Colin Grantham - Contact
Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) Board of Directors

Ontario Good Roads Association or Good Roads (OGRA) is a municipal association concerned with the quality and design of roads in Ontario. Originally known as the Ontario Good Roads Association (and still using that name corporately), members include most of Ontario’s municipalities and a growing number of First Nations as well as dozens of affiliated corporate members in the transportation and infrastructure sectors.

The Good Roads Board of Directors are elected annually at the Good Roads Conference. 

2023/2024 Board of Directors:

  • Councillor Cathy Burghardt-Jesson - Contact
South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation (SCOR)

The South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation (SCOR EDC) is a regional partnership comprised of the Counties of Brant, Elgin, Middlesex, Norfolk and Oxford. SCOR was incorporated in 2010 as a means to provide planning and coordination for regional issues, implement regional economic development priorities, identify funding sources and to partner with other levels of government, and act as a regional catalyst for investment.

The founding SCOR EDC Board of Directors recognized that continued investment and strong commitment to partners would be needed to best position the region and individual partner counties to take advantage of opportunities and to insulate the counties against other unforeseen economic downturns.  ​SCOR EDC is a legal entity which is governed by two representatives from each partner county.  SCOR has a responsibility to the partner to provide a regular forum for partner appointed officials to weigh in on current strategies and initiatives from each counties perspective and report back to the wider council. 


  • Councillor Cathy Burghardt-Jesson - Contact
  • Councillor Sharron McMillan - Contact
Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) Board of Directors

Middlesex County nominates a member to Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology (SWIFT) Board of Directors.

SWIFT, a regional broadband expansion project initiated by the Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus and delivered in partnership with member municipalities and the government of Ontario and Canada, is committed to improving access to high-speed internet services across Southwestern Ontario.

Focused on enabling greater digital equality between rural and urban populations, SWIFT subsidizes the construction of open-access high-speed networks to encourage service providers to expand broadband infrastructure in underserved rural areas.

University of Western Ontario Board of Governors

Middlesex County appoints a member to the Board of Governors of the University of Western Ontario.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the overall governance of the university.  In consultation with Senate, the Board sets the strategic direction of the institution. The Board appoints the President and Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Presidents, Deans and other senior administrators of the University. The Board has responsibility for all financial matters and matters related to property.  It establishes and enforces regulations for the use of the university's buildings, grounds and ancillary operations, approves the university’s operating and capital budgets, oversees expenditures from those budgets, and sets fees.


Western Fair Board and Programming Council

Middlesex County appoints representatives to the authoritative governing body of the Western Fair Board annually.

Western Fair Board Members: (2022-2023):

Programming Council: