Advisory Committee

The main purposes and activities of the Accessibility Advisory Committee are:

  • To advise County Council on the preparation, implementation and effectiveness of its annual accessibility plan
  • To review site plans of and advise on accessibility issues relating to identified buildings within the County
  • To advise County Council on other accessibility related issues within the County

Please review the Terms of Reference of the Middlesex County accessibility advisory committee.

Current Committee Members

John Brennan - County Councillor, Middlesex Centre, and Chair of MAAC

Cathy Burghardt-Jesson - Warden, Middlesex County

Allan Mayhew - County Councillor, Southwest Middlesex

Nancy Wickerson-Harmer  - Citizen Member

Leslie-Anne Steeper-Doxtator - Citizen Member

Michele Ivanouski - Citizen Member

Jerrica Gilbert - Citizen Member

Staff Liaison

Paul Shipway - Clerk, Middlesex County