Development Applications

The County is the Approval Authority for Official Plans, Official Plan Amendments and Plans of Subdivision  / Condominium and is a commenting agency for local applications such as zoning by-law amendments, consents, minor variances and site plans.

County Official Plan Amendment

Applications to amend the County Official Plan are made at the County, using the County's Application Form. Potential applicants are advised to approach the Planning & Economic Development Department before making a formal submission. The application process is funded through user fees.

Local Municipal Official Plan Amendment

The County is the Approval Authority for local municipal Official Plans and local municipal Official Plan Amendments. Applications for local municipal Offical Plan Amendments are made at the local municipality and if adopted by local Council, the Official Plan Amendment is forwarded to the County for consideration.

Plans of Subdivision / Condominium

The County is the Approval Authority for Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Descriptions. The Approval process is funded through user fees. If you wish to know more about applying for a Plan for Subdivision or a Plan of Condominium please view our Applicant's Guide and Application Form.

Local Planning Applications

The County is a commenting agency for local Zoning By-laws, Consents, Minor Variances , and Site Plans. Local municipalities are required by regulation to circulate planning applications to the County for comment. The Department provides a consistent response to all applications which includes reference to the Provincial Policy Statement, the County Official Plan and fundamental planning principles. Those interested in local planning applications should contact the local municipality.

Who Should I Contact First?

If you are considering actions which may require planning approvals, it is best to start by contacting the appropriate approval authority as follows:

Action Who to Contact
County Official Plan Amendment County
Plan of Subdivision County
Plan of Condominium County
Local Official Plan Amendment Local Municipality
Zoning By-law Amendment Local Municipality
Consent Local Municipality
Minor Variance Local Municipality
Building Permit Local Municipality

It is always a good idea (and in some cases may be required by legislation) to contact municipal staff before the application is submitted to ensure that all the necessary information is submitted and to identify if any potential issues exist prior to starting the formal approval process.

More information about land use planning in Ontario is available from the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing "Citizens Guide to Land Use Planning in Ontario" and from the Ontario Municipal Board.


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