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Study Description

Middlesex County is embarking on the development of a long-range cycling strategy. The County, in partnership with Local Municipalities is developing a comprehensive strategy to improve cycling in Middlesex, for people of all ages and cycling ability. The strategy will build on recently developed plans completed by some of the local area municipalities, such as the Municipality of Thames Centre Trails Master Plan. The cycling strategy will be developed to:

  • Create a plan for a connected network of on and off-road cycling routes throughout the County to connect major destinations, points of interest, natural areas, etc.;
  • Make cycling more convenient and enjoyable for residents and visitors;
  • Provide County and Local Municipal staff with tools to help with decision-making related to cycling; and
  • Promote Middlesex County as a cycling destination within Ontario.

Study Timeline

The development of the Middlesex County Cycling Strategy began in February 2017 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2017. The strategy will be developed using the following steps:

February 2017
December 2017

1 Project Initiation
This phase is about initiating the project and making the public aware of the study. It will also focus on understanding more about the current state of cycling in Middlesex County and identifying potential cycling routes for field investigation by the study team.

2 Developing the Cycling Route Network
This phase focuses on the process used to develop a cycling network for Middlesex County including the identification of preferred routes and how they will be designed. The proposed network will be made available for review by the public and stakeholders. 

3 Develop and Finalize the Cycling Strategy
This phase will document the outcomes of the Cycling Strategy’s development and an implementation strategy to support it. The report will made available for review by the public and stakeholders, and will be presented to County Council for approval. 

How can you Get Involved?

A key component of the Cycling Strategy is consultation and engagement with members of the public, stakeholders and interested agencies and groups. We want to hear from you and we need your help to develop a “Made in Middlesex” Cycling Strategy!

Within each phase there will be an opportunity for you to provide your input. As these opportunities become available more detailed information will be provided on the website. The following are some ways you can provide your input.


Online Questionnaire
We’ve developed a cycling specific online questionnaire which shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete.


Interactive Mapping Tool
Want to let us know what you think about cycling in Middlesex County? Do you have some favourite cycling routes, areas where you think improvements are needed to support cycling, other issues or opportunities related to cycling you would like to tell us about? Use the interactive mapping tool to give us your input!


Contact the Study Team
If you have any questions or comments about the Cycling Strategy you are welcome to get in touch with one of the study team members. You can email us at @email or you can phone either of the contacts below:

Chris Traini
County Engineer
519-434-7321 ext. 2264

Jay Cranstone WSP | MMM Group
Senior Landscape Architect
519-743-8777 Ext. 2336

today Join us at an Event!
We will be holding a number of public open houses and drop in sessions in different locations throughout the County as we develop the strategy. Visit this page often to learn more about these opportunities, their location, date and time. 

Cycling in Middlesex County Today

We are not starting from scratch. There are a number of existing cycling routes and opportunities within Middlesex County. Within the County there are…



Paved Shoulders

On-Road Routes

Middlesex County has been promoting cycling and other forms of active transportation through the Visit Middlesex Tourism website. The Middlesex County Trails Guide includes lots of great information on how to get to local trails, what to expect when you get there, tips on getting involved and active outdoors, and trail safety tips.

Study Materials

Over the course of the study we will be developing materials that will be available for review, including maps illustrating potential cycling routes, display boards and materials from public open houses, draft study recommendations, etc..  As materials are developed, they will be posted on the project website for your review and comment:

Presentation materials from public open house number 2 - Oct 17, 2017
Presentation materials from public open house number 1 - June 29, 2017

Open House

Please see the attached PDF for details regarding upcoming Cycling Strategy Open House dates:

Notice of Public Open House #2 - Oct 17, 2017
C 25 - CW Info - June 13 - Draft Notice of Public Open House #1 - 06.05.17.pdf

Other Relevant Documents

There are lots of other interesting reports, plans and references related to cycling within the Province of Ontario and specifically within southwestern Ontario. The following are some links that you may find interesting!

Ontario Cycling Strategy: #CycleON
Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18: Cycling Facilities
London Cycling Master Plan: London ON Bikes
Elgin-St. Thomas Cycling Master Plan

Contact Information

If you would like to receive more information about the study or if you require the information provided on this website in an alternate format, please contact either of the study contacts listed below.

Chris Traini
County Engineer
519-434-7321 ext. 2264

Jay Cranstone WSP | MMM Group
Senior Landscape Architect
519-743-8777 Ext. 2336