There is so much to see, do, and discover throughout the County of Middlesex, so we've compiled some of our most popular maps, guides, and local resources here for you. Whether you're looking for contact information, local produce options, or recreation ideas, you'll find it in these maps and guides.

Middlesex Map

The County of Middlesex is pleased to announce the launch of the new Middlesex Map. In an effort to provide high quality mapping services to County residents, this new map service provides all the same features of the previous Middlesex Map but also includes new features to enhance the user’s experience. The County will continue to enhance the mapping services provided in Middlesex Map in the coming weeks and months, and welcomes your feedback and comments.



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Middlesex Map FAQ

To search local municipal addresses, click on the drop menu button, on the search bar. All the searchable items will appear. Select ‘Municipal Address’ to search local addresses within the County of Middlesex.

Open the Layers List widget, which is the icon located at the top left of the page (hover your cursor over the icon, and the name of the widget will appear). Uncheck the ‘SouthWestOntario_2010_Aerial’ layer. The air photo layer will no longer show on your map.

County of Middlesex in Google Maps

Some of the County of Middlesex’s mapping information is available for using with Google mapping applications.  Below, you will find a list of mapping layers available in KML format.  KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is the file format in which geographic information is displayed on Google mapping applications, such as Google Earth and Google Maps.

From the table below, you can download KML files, open the files in Google Earth or open the files on Google Maps.

Google Earth can be downloaded for free from


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Municipal Boundaries Open in Google Earth Open in Google Maps Download KML file


County Maps

You can purchase 2011 Road Maps at all County library branches, local municipal offices, and at the County Building.

View the front of map (PDF)
View the back of map (PDF)

County Roads



Use our interactive MiddlesexMap to explore the County.

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Job Opportunities

Careers at Middlesex County are widely varied reflecting the broad spectrum of services we provide.

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Strathmere Lodge

Strathmere Lodge, a not-for-profit, long-term-care home is owned by the County of Middlesex.

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