FAQs - Middlesex County Connects

 Middlesex County Connect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Do drivers carry money to make change? No. Exact fare of $5.00 is required.  Place cash in the fare box when you get on the bus.
Does County Connect operate on holidays and weekends?  Our Route 3 Saturday afternoon route provides direct, on-demand connections between all of our Dorchester, Thorndale, and London stops, any time between 11:00am and 3:00pm. To book your ride, just call 1-888-465-0783, in advance or ASAP!
Are seniors eligible for a transit tax credit? The Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit to help seniors with public transit costs. Eligible transit expenses incurred on or after July 1, 2017 can be claimed for the credit. For more information on this new tax credit, visit the Government of Ontario website. 
Are pets allowed on board? No.  Only service animals are permitted.
Is there a monthly pass option? No. At this time all rides are $5.00 one way. As the service moves ahead past Phase 1, the County will work to provide a monthly pass option for riders. 
Does service still operate in inclement weather? 

Due to safety concerns, service will not operate if the weather and/or road conditions are deemed unsafe for vehicles to operate. Transit services will be cancelled when Middlesex County declares a significant weather event.

If possible, the decision to cancel the daily service due to weather conditions will be made prior to the start of daily service (6:30am). Once the decision is made, the cancellation will be posted at the Community Transportation webpage and on the County Twitter and Facebook page. 

Where will changes or updates to the service be posted?  All schedule, route, fare, and service information can be found at the main Community Transportation webpage. Any updates to the transit service will be posted on the webpage as well as the Middlesex County website, Twitter, and Facebook pages.