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Lead the Change Recognition Award & Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit Intervention

In April 2017, Middlesex County schools and child cares were invited to apply for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Lead the Change Recognition Award and participate in the Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit Intervention. To be eligible for the award and participation in the intervention, agencies needed to consider ways they can create a healthier food environment.   A number of sector-specific environmental-level actions were proposed, all of which aimed to influence vegetable and fruit consumption.  Commitment to a minimum of 1 action was required. 

Results indicate that participating child care centres and schools show a desire to make changes in their environment and want to support children in boosting their veggies & fruit! Included are some highlights of how child cares and school in Middlesex County are leading the change in support of the healthier choice!  

Effect of Intervention on Creating Healthier Eating Environments in Child Cares 
Effect of Intervention on Creating Healthier Eating Environments in Schools




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