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Theme 1 Project Summary Report 

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In the County of Middlesex, in collaboration with local communities, five overarching strategies were identified as part of the Theme 1 Action Plan.

  1. County Events and Community Consultations
  2. Family Education
  3. Early Years Education
  4. Pilot of Move 2 Learn, in Collaboration with McMaster University
  5. Naturalization of School Playgrounds

The overall goal was to create environments and opportunities across the County of Middlesex that promote active play, to spark a child's curiosity and exploration, and motivation to move, aiding in their physical literacy and overall health and development.

The implementation of these strategies began in December 2015. In total there were 25 interventions spanning the five previously mentioned strategies, aimed at supporting the Theme 1 goal. We encourage you to read through the Theme 1 Project Summary Report for highlights! 

Below are a few highlights and additional reports and links. 

Bringing Physical Literacy to Life Training and Tool Kit

If you are interested in learning more about Physical Literacy, you may wish to access the following videos. On March 9, 2016 the County of Middlesex Healthy Kids Community Challenge held an event in Komoka that attracted close to 150 leaders from across the County and across sectors.   We brought in some experts in the field of physical literacy and physical activity in the early years, including Drew Mitchell from Canadian Sport for Life, Dr. Dawne Clark from Mount Royal University and Dr Trish Tucker from Western University.  We had the event recorded as part of our sustainability plan. 

Session 1 of 3 - Physical Literacy and Early Childhood: Bringing it to Life!  
Session 2 of 3 - Physical Literacy and Early Childhood: Bringing it to Life!  
Session 3 of 3 - Physical Literacy and Early Childhood: Bringing it to Life!  

Evaluation Reports: 

Feedback on Training Day 

Pre and Post Evaluation 

Sector Group Discussion


Move 2 Learn

Move 2 Learn is a program to support children 2 to 6 years in developing fundamental motor skills (physical literacy), fine motor and pre-literacy skills! It is an evidence-based program designed by researchers in the Infant and Child Health Laboratory (INCH Lab) from McMaster University. 

Between April 2016 and July 2016 4 sites across the County piloted the program.  Overall, the Move 2 Learn program seems to have had a positive impact on the participants in Middlesex County and this is supported by both the quantitative and qualitative results of the evaluation component. The overarching goal of providing an enjoyable and fun environment for families was reached by all four sites and the ability of the Move 2 Learn program to improve the movement and pre-literacy skills of the young children is promising. Additionally, the program positively influenced caregiver support for engagement in movement and pre-literacy activities at home. For the full report, click here

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