Middlesex County Past Wardens


Format: 2021
2019 Kurtis Smith Adelaide Metcalfe
2018 Marigay Wilkins Southwest Middlesex
2017 Don Shipway North Middlesex
2016 Jim Maudsley Thames Centre
2015 Vance Blackmore Southwest Middlesex
2014 Joanne Vanderheyden Strathroy-Caradoc
2013 Brad Richards Strathroy-Caradoc
2012 Jim Maudsley Thames Centre
2011 Joanne Vanderheyden Strathroy-Caradoc
2010 Joanne Vanderheyden Strathroy-Caradoc
2009 Jim Maudsley Thames Centre
2008 Albert F. Bannister Middlesex Centre
2007 Wesley Hodgson North Middlesex
2006 Joanne Vanderheyden Strathroy-Caradoc
2005 Tom McLaughlin Lucan Biddulph
2004 Ian Brebner North Middlesex
2003 Vance Blackmore Southwest Middlesex
2002 Al Edmondson Middlesex Centre
2001 Al Edmondson Middlesex Centre
2000 Crispin Colvin West Nissouri
1999 Mel Veale Caradoc
1998 David McDonald Glencoe
1997 Alan F. Marr North Dorchester
1996 Alan F. Marr North Dorchester
1995 Bev Shipley Lobo
1994 Earl French Biddulph
1993 Joel Blackmore Ekfrid
1992 Frank Gare Adelaide
1991 Ray Campbell East Williams
1990 Alan Johnson London Township
1989 Charles Corbett McGillivray
1988 Richard Bolton Metcalfe
1987 William R. Skinner Caradoc
1986 Karl Nevin Ekfrid
1985 Bill Lane North Dorchester
1984 Doug Reycraft Glencoe
1983 Garnet Romphf Parkhill
1982 John Whitmore Ailsa Craig
1981 Sam S. Richardson Westminister
1980 Fred A. Lewis London Township
1979 John F. McNamara Delaware
1978 Aubrey L. McCallum East Williams
1977 William L. Galbraith Ekfrid
1976 Donald A. Nisbet Wardsville
1975 William L. Grieve North Dorchester
1974 Nelson Elliot West Nissouri
1973 G. Wallace Laidlaw Westminister
1972 Jack A. Baker Delaware
1971 Wilson A. Hodgins Biddulph
1970 Ronald M. Crawford Ekfrid
1969 Raymond M. Lewis Lobo
1968 Fraser L. Harris East Williams
1967 Harry Ward London Township
1966 Malcom Campbell Caradoc
1965 Ivan Hearn Lucan
1964 Wilbur Johnson West Nissouri
1963 Norman Hodgins West Williams
1962 Morley Howe Metcalfe
1961 Clarence Fonger Delaware
1960 Hugh Lamb Westminister
1959 Wilbert R. Pretty Mosa
1958 John C. McAlpine Ekfrid
1957 Fred L. Heaman McGillivray
1956 Howard B. Elson London Township
1955 Gordon R. MacDonald Strathroy
1954 Freeman R. Dobbs Biddulph
1953 Neil L. Olde Caradoc
1952 Harold M. Corbett Lucan
1951 Hugh P. McEachen West Williams
1950 Mungo Leitch Mosa
1949 Harold Eastman Adelaide
1948 Charles Cousins Westminister
1947 Neil P. McGugan Caradoc
1946 Clifton Davis Wardsville
1945 J. Freeman Hodgins McGillivray
1944 William J. Ford Glencoe
1943 J. Douglas Hunt North Dorchester
1942 Harold Currie Adelaide
1941 Gordon E. Hicks Lobo
1940 Hugh D. McNaughton Newbury
1939 John A. Crawford Caradoc
1938 Angus McGeachy North Dorchester
1937 George B. Laidlaw Westminister
1936 John A. Morrison East Williams
1935 Capt. Harvey Langford Lucan
1934 Harold Marr North Dorchester
1933 James Dymond Metcalfe
1932 Courtney R. Carmichael London Township
1931 W. Albert Sutherland Parkhill
1930 George A. Parrott Glencoe
1929 Wilbert H. McLeish West Williams
1928 Alfred Comfort Caradoc
1927 Richard T. Raycraft Biddulph
1926 Allan L. McDougall Caradoc
1925 Allen McPherson Glencoe
1924 Cyrus C. Henry Metcalfe
1923 William Ross East Williams
1922 John Cousins Westminister
1921 Alton H. Ryckman Delaware
1920 Thomas Clark London Township
1919 John Currie Adelaide
1918 Donald D. Graham Caradoc
1917 Archibald J. Blakie Westminister
1916 Thomas G. Turnbull Lobo
1915 John Morgan Ailsa Craig
1914 Lachlan L. McTaggart Ekfrid
1913 Adam K. Hodgins Biddulph
1912 James T. Buttrey Strathroy
1911 William D. Moss Glencoe
1910 Daniel S. Campbell Adelaide
1909 Samuel R. Gillies Ailsa Craig
1908 Donald D. Graham Mosa
1907 James H. Hodgins London Township
1906 Neil A. Galbraith Ekfrid
1905 Richard M. Piper Westminister
1904 George W. Neely North Dorchester
1903 John P. Grigg Caradoc
1902 George B. Campbell Ekfrid
1901 Trafford Campbell East Williams
1900 James Murray Westminister
1899 Henry Hardy Caradoc
1898 Peter Elson London Township
1897 Dougald Leitch Caradoc
1896 William L. Corbett McGillivray
1895 John A. Leitch Glencoe
1894 William S. Calvert Metcalfe
1893 Thomas Duffin West Nissouri
1892 Charles C. Hodgins Biddulph
1891 Thomas E. Robson London Township
1890 William H. Taylor McGillivray
1889 Robert Baston Lobo
1888 Simon McLeod West Williams
1887 Simon McLeod West Williams
1886 Benjamin Watterworth Mosa
1885 Malcolm McGugan Caradoc
1884 William D. Stanley Biddulph
1883 D. M. Cameron Strathroy
1882 Joseph H. Marshall London Township
1881 James Armstrong Westminister
1880 John Morgan Adelaide
1879 James Gilmour North Dorchester
1878 Alexander McKellar Lobo
1877 John Levi East Williams
1876 James Armstrong Westminister
1875 John Waters East Williams
1874 Lionel Shipley Lobo
1873 Malcolm G. Munro Wardsville
1872 Malcolm G. Munro Wardsville
1871 John Watterworth Mosa
1870 Richard Tooley North Dorchester
1869 Thomas Routledge London Township
1868 Thomas Routledge London Township
1867 Robert Dreaney North Dorchester
1866 Malcolm Campbell Ekfrid
1865 John H. Munro Mosa
1864 Merrill S. Ayers Westminister
1863 Christopher Coombs London Township
1862 Archibald Campbell Caradoc
1861 Archibald Campbell Caradoc
1860 Archibald Campbell Caradoc
1859 Benjamin Cook Westminister
1858 Thomas Moyle Metcalfe
1857 Robert Craik North Dorchester
1856 Thomas Moyle Metcalfe
1855 C.Halcroft Clench Caradoc
1854 John Scatcherd West Nissouri
1853 William Niles North Dorchester
1852 William Niles North Dorchester
1851 William Niles North Dorchester
1850 William Niles North Dorchester


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