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Dear members of County Council and staff, 

The OEB received NextEra's submitted a "leave to construct" applications for the 115 kV transmission lines for the Bornish and Kerwood wind projects. NextEra requested a "written submissions" hearing rather than oral hearings. 

I note adjacent landowners have not been served notice of the hearing nor has NextEra published any advertisement in the local newspapers. As the County is the landowner/host of the major portion of this project, one would expect written notification to the County. I see no reference on the Feb.19 agenda of notification received. 

That this application was published only on the OEB's website (for those who would search for it) is a poor example of consultation "best practice." Neither adjoining landowners nor the county have been treated fairly. As the project is to be built on County right of way, the County must address the significantly increased safety and liability issues involved.  

Please indicate that the County takes these issues seriously and request: 

1) an oral hearing be held as is our right. 

2) intervenor status for the County so that a full examination of the safety issues may be properly had. 


Thank you for your email in regard to wind farms in Middlesex County.

From an administrative perspective, I would like to point out two things:

1. You are correct that Middlesex County has not, to the best of my knowledge received formal notification in writing of the application as of yet. However, with that being said, we were able to confirm that the application was submitted on Friday. With this in mind, we are recommending to council that they provide us with administrative permission to intervene at the council meeting today.

2. Our practice is to distribute our public agendas approximately a week before the council meeting. As of last Tuesday, we had not received nor were we able to confirm that any submissions were made to the OEB. As a result, we did not list the item on our agenda that was distributed for today. However, due to the fact that this is a time sensitive item, in accordance with our procedural bylaw, we do have the option administratively of requesting that council add an item to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. It is my intent to request that the OEB application intervenor status be added to the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

Bill Rayburn
CAO Middlesex County

NextEra Energy Wind Turbine Presentation to Middlesex County Council.

Presentation - Leave to Construct Applications Process - Wind Energy in Middlesex County. Power Point Presentation


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