Forestry and Natural Heritage

County Forest Management

Middlesex County currently owns 2,500 acres of woodlands of which over 2,000 acres are located in the southwest portion of the County in an area referred to as "Skunks Misery". The County Forest is managed in accordance with a 20‐year Management Plan and five‐year operational plans.

Woodlands Conservation

By‐law 5738 regulates the cutting of trees within woodlands on private property under the Municipal Act. No person may injure or destroy living trees within regulated woodlands unless it is done in accordance with: Good Forestry, or Circumference Limit, or as a result of an ‘exemption’.

Noxious Weeds

The Weed Control Act regulates noxious weeds growing in close proximity to agricultural crop lands and commercial horticultural lands. Within Middlesex, the County’s ‘Area Weed Inspector’ is also appointed by each local municipality to be the ‘Municipal Weed Inspector.’ Responding primarily to complaints, the Weed Inspector works with staff from local municipalities and other agencies. Weeds can be ordered to be cut, or cut by the County with costs applied to property taxes.


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Strathmere Lodge

Strathmere Lodge, a not-for-profit, long-term-care home is owned by the County of Middlesex.

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